Monday, May 12, 2014



Long time no update,

So I've been very busy with work and school (currently wrapping up my semester helping out at the June Steingart gallery at Laney). But what's keeping me busy lately is preparing for 3 shows this summer.
The first is the Student Show (themed "Dreams and Nightmares") at Laney College in late May.
The second will be at Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom in Berkeley, it should be a super fun show with free food, wine, live music, and some of my paintings.
The third will be at my house in early July and will just be me, my girlfriend, and my friends. With any luck that house show will also feature live music and maybe some comedy sets from local comedians.

So this is one of those updates that kind of like a "Hi" and a "Bye", cause I will likely be very, very, busy this summer. But I will try to post some pics from the shows and update this with some recent drawings and paintings.

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